Mexican Copper Mirrors for a Smarter Room

It seems that mirrors have stepped beyond their traditional boundaries. In ancient times, people used them to look at their own self when dressing. But the man’s creativity has found new ways to use them in decorative purposes. In short, mirrors have become a must in room décor. Especially hand hammered copper mirrors are an ideal match for a decorative purpose. In Feng Shui, mirror is the pathway to transmit energy. Anyway, depending on the creativity of the home décor designer, mirrors would do lots of magical deeds to beautify your home.

Just think about hanging a beautifully framed huge mirror over the fireplace. It would nicely reflect all the beauty of your home décor. Since the fireplace is set in the focal point, the reflection of the entire room will be a gorgeous, eye-catching one!

Dark areas inside a home like long hall ways need a properly set mirror to illuminate them. The whole corridor will be brightened by the mirrors placed on either side of it. Apart from the lighting effect, mirrors on either side of a hallway will make the passage look much bigger than its actual size. Furthermore, a mirror placed at the entrance to the house is a fine ‘checkup’ for the visitors before entering the house. They can do up their hair and dresses before they meet their hosts. It’s like a kind of warm welcome to them. Just try it and see!

Round, copper-framed mirrors of various sizes add an exceptional look to your sitting room. It’s better if the copper frame is carved with designs. These mirrors should be hung as a bunch in different heights on the wall. It’s’ almost like a copper wall hanging that brightens the whole area. It’s a rare kind of little celebrity that grabs the eyes of visitors.

Mexican copper mirrors have a great demand all over the world. Each one of them have a unique build since they’re all hammered by hand and made as individual items. No machinery is used even to hammer them. So, in the process of manufacture, they take even the slightest defect into consideration and deliver a flawless, super finished copper mirror at the final stage. So, Mexican, hand hammered copper mirrors are always the number one.

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